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Tea Through My Eyes

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1980’s Raw Tuocha From Hawai’i

My friend Kenneth Cannata of Cannata Imports recently just returned from a trip to Hawai’i and brought back with him a 1980’s aged raw tuocha cake to share with me and my family. This tea was wet stored for about 20 years in Oregon and dry stored in Hawaii for 10+ years. It was the first time I had been given a chance to drink this tea, and upon first drinking it I noticed its strong flavor, which was almost sour. In the later rounds a floral flavor emerged, which its time stored in Hawai’i had given it. This tea can last for over fifteen rounds. We drank this tea with the accompaniment of some Indian sandalwood incense and I took photos, a selection of which I have posted here.

I see this as a fitting start to my tea blog, because I am one eighth Hawaiian and this combines my love of tea with my heritage. I hope you enjoy looking at my photography.

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